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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hi Everyone: We had P-day (preparation day) on Monday and spent the morning typing our blog entry for the week and doing chores around the house. We decided to go look at the local sights. So I go outside to give Sister Segeberg a weather report. It seemed fairly calm and about 40 degrees so I told her we don't need to bring our ear muffs. Boy was I wrong. It started hailing on us on the way to the bus stop. By the time we got off the bus it was a 30 MPH head wind and felt like 20 degrees.

We went to "Old Town" which is the original old part of Riga.Very old and picturesque. It was fairly cold, but very windy and blustery. We were on the edge of freezing the whole time but had a good time. We ended up eating lunch at McDonalds then went to "Stockmans" a English branded department store. We had made spaghetti sauce for a dinner with Elder & Sister Millet and wanted to find some parmigiana cheese to grate up for the dinner. We found some and also some American BBQ sauce so it was Wahoo! We scored.

                                                                A little Wind-blown
                                                                 Checkout the hat!

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  1. I love how you talked about the ear thing! I did that once--and that was all it took for me to always keep my ear warmer with me. LOL TGIFriday's is new there...well, relatively. :) You're making me home sick for Old Town! And, I LOVE the hat.