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Monday, November 7, 2011

In the MTC

Our first day in the MTC! It was great! Rick and his family dropped us off this morning. It was not lost on any of us how we had been the ones dropping him off about 24 years ago. Our accommodations are very comfortable, like in a very nice hotel - 4 star at least, in the recently completed senior couples housing area. We did not get assigned to the Marriott, but the only real way to tell is that there is no big screen TV . We had a few meetings this afternoon and did some in-processing then had dinner and now we have study/free time.. Tomorrow we have classes during the day, then a devotional at night with a general authority speaker. I'll let you know who that was later this week. We had about 88 people in our senior group and we all got a short period of time to stand up and introduce ourselves. Everybody is very nice and we have had some good conversations over lunch and dinner. The young elders and sisters are very kind and courteous to us, I feel like we are in a very special place.

We sang one song today - Called to Serve -- it was rousing, but I had such a lump in my throat I could hardly sing. I've always loved that song from the time we took Rick to the MTC and sang it together with the new missionaries. We have sung it as we dropped each one of our sons at the MTC and now it was our turn.

It is great to be some what settled after out nomadic wanderings of the past few months. And it is great to be finally beginning this new chapter.  Saying good-bye to our family and friends was hard , but we look forward to sharing our experiences with them on Skype. Yeah, for electronic media! We picked a great time to go.
Love - Elder & Sister Segeberg


  1. Congratulations! The excitement has begun!

    It's hard to figure out who is writing this though... :) I can't tell who's feelings who's.

    Know that the kids and I are praying for you every night.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes. There is nothing like the adventure you're embarking on! Devotional was one of my favorite experiences there. I also loved Relief Society because there were always amazing, well-known speakers who taught us. Enjoy these next few weeks!