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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In the MTC in One Week

We had a busy Sunday. We spoke in Sacrament Meeting then had a family dinner, and finished with an open house at Karen & Bud Little's home in the evening. Many people came by to wish us well and say goodbye. We are very appreciative that Karen and Bud hosted this open house for us so we could say goodbye to our friends in the Auburn area.

Yesterday and today was spent taking care of all the last minute details. We sold our remaining car and talked to Verizon about leaving the country and canceling our phones. That didn't go well.We've talked to several people in the Verizon company and all want us to pay $870 in early termination fees.Doesn't matter that they can't provide service in Latvia. Hmmm. After 60 we should have been on a pay-as-you-go plan.

We are excited that it is finally time. We fly to SLC tomorrow, then into the MTC on Monday. Thursday we get to meet our Russian tutor at the MTC and have a Russian lesson in person.Starting next Monday we will see him daily for Russian lessons. I have heard that the MTC is intense. Will let you know soon.

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