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Monday, December 5, 2011

Second Week in Latvia

Well it was a busy week. We worked in the office everyday, Tuesday through Friday. On Saturday we went downtown and walked around what is called the "Open Air Market". It actually is part open air and part inside. The inside part in in four old dirigible hangers, ah the good old days when we could fly in lighter than air, air ships.The fruits and vegetables seem to stretch on for miles, some we had never seen before and had to examine them. Sister Segeberg thinks that there can't be any hogs left in Latvia. There was one whole hanger that was full of different little companies sell pork and pork products. There was everything there but the "oink", and Sister Segeberg thought she saw some of those. There was a fish hanger, and a beef/meat hanger, etc. It was the men's worst nightmare, endless shopping and hours of walking around looking at stuff.

 Checkout the hat! Do I look sporty or what. Sister Segeberg of course looks great.

This is the Freedom Monument. Latvia got their Freedom from the Soviet Union in 1991. You can't see it very well, but there are formal guards at the base. We watched the changing of the guard.

Sunday was Fast & Testimony meeting at our Russian Branch. We got up and gave our testimony in Russian, and everybody actually understood us.They seemed very please that we could speak some Russian.The members are very warm and appreciative of us. We have a translator with us during most meetings. We went home after church and made dinner than relaxed and had Sunday evening Ice Cream. The ice cream here is good. Talk to you next week. Dasvadanya!

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