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Monday, October 24, 2011

Our mission to the Baltics is almost ready to start. Only a week to go until we fly to SLC and get ready to enter the MTC on November 7th. I am ready to start this great two years of service.

It has been an adventure in itself just getting ready to go. What with physicals, dental exams, getting all our financial and living arrangements taken care off, as well as immunizations, selling cars, moving out of our house and putting things in storage and a whole host of other things to do to get ready, its not for the faint of heart.

Did I mention that its worth it. I would do many times all of the above to be able to serve. Any amount of effort or treasure is worth it when you have had such strong conformation as I have that this is what the Lord wants us to do.

The paperwork for our visas to Latvia just won't stop. Now I have to provide documents to prove I am not in the military currently, and detail what I did in the military when I was active. I am retired military and noted that on my visa application. They seem to have a real interest if you have ever been in the military.

Last week we returned from the grand tour of New England, visiting family and fauna. Family was fine, the usual brilliant display of fall colors was muted this year but still beautiful to see. We went to Booth Bay Harbor on the Maine seacoast and stayed in a B&B. The town was quaint and pretty, we had a great time.

This week we work on getting everything we are taking to Latvia for the next two years into 4 suitcases that can't weight over 50 lbs each. I theoretically get two suitcases, but the love of my life thinks that my suitcases are for her overflow, which looks highly probable. Not a problem though, all I need is a suit and a happy wife. Learning Russian has been challenging. It's in there but hard to recall it when I need it. Faulty retrieval system. Oh well, I'll just keep putting in and see if I understand anything when I get there. Our Russian tutor at the MTC thinks we are doing well, but he probably doesn't want to discourage us and tell us we should stick to english, haha. Paka!

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