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Monday, December 12, 2011

A Good Week

Week of Dec 5th - 10th
This week was busy. We had P-day on Monday and took the van and went to the Alfa mall. We bought a 32" LG flat screen (I know, it's small- but I'm suppose to be roughing it) and found leather winter boots for Carrie. Most of the boots she looked at (and there were many) were very expensive 100 LS plus (1LS = $2), but she found some she liked for 48 LS, so we were happy.

An interesting thing that happened on Monday: we had a leak from under the pedestal of the shower. Every time we took a shower water flowed out from underneath. We had the plumber over several times to fix it and to no avail. So on Monday the landlord (who speaks no English), came over with his son, John, (who speaks pretty good English) and a plumber to fix it. They didn't believe what I was telling them about the water coming out from underneath. They thought the shower doors were leaking. So I explained to John about what we saw and he had a discussion with his Father and the plumber. So instead of just turning on the shower and watching, the Father strips off his clothes and jumps in the shower while the plumber watches for leaks. Lo and behold, the shower leaked from underneath the pedestal. The plumber is now ready to go to work and cuts a hole in the side of the pedestal so he can fiddle around underneath. After 30 minutes John comes to me and tells me it is all fixed, then they leave. I go in and turn on the shower and quickly shut the doors. You guessed it, leak not fixed, and maybe even worst. I walk up three flights of stairs and tell John the bad news. They scheduled for Wednesday to come back and actual fix it this time. Yeaaa!

Tuesday night we left the office at 5:00 PM and took the bus, with the Millet's, and went to dinner at Elder & Sister Davis's. They are the CES couple and live several miles from our apartment. They fixed Mexican food. I had the best Salsa and chips I have ever had in my life. The main course was a soft shell taco and it was really good, considering what they had to work with.This isn't exactly a Mexican food haven.It's hard to find the ingredients needed. We did find cilantro in the food store under the name of Kolendra. Shtow?? We looked it up on the internet and found out that Coriander in America is the seed and cilantro is the leaf, of the same plant. Who knew??

On Thursday we went to the National Opera House (incredibly beautiful and ornate building) to see "The Nutcracker". President & Sister Boswell, Elder & Sister Millet went as well and we all had an enjoyable time. Lots of leaping gnomes (those guys dance in sheer tights), and pretty ballerinas. Very elaborate production and the hall was all gold leaf. we had great seats, first row, lower balcony. and only $30 each.

(Back row) Sister & President Boswell, Elder Millet (front row) Elder & Sister Segeberg (Sister Millet took picture)

Saturday we went shopping at RIMI's in the morning, had down time in the afternoon, then had the Millet's over for dinner and a movie (The Joseph Smith story). It was a good evening. Sister Segeberg then skyped with Aunt Helen until way past missionary bedtime. I won't tell President Boswell on her. What happens here, stays here, haha.

Yesterday was Sunday, and we have the morning to read scriptures, work on our journal, and generally relax until we leave to catch the city bus for church. We attend the Center Russian Branch. We have enjoyed going there, the people are warm and friendly to us.We don't always know what is going on, but usually have a young missionary whispering in our ear a translation of what is being said.

One thing we have been very impressed with is the caliber of the young missionaries. They are personable, dedicated and hard working. It is amazing how mature they can seem for such young people. We had a meeting with someone who is having marriage issues. The Elders were very sensitive, in spite of having no experience with marriage, they made several insightful comments. The main experience they have with relationships is learning to work well with their companions. Not quite the same as marriage, but some of the same principles apply - patience, tolerance, understanding and cooperation. I was very impressed! It makes you want to write to their moms and tell them how great their sons are doing and how proud they can be of them. We are actively engaged and figuring out what we are suppose to be doing. The weeks are going fast.

This next week is transfer week, so we will be busy.
Love to All
Elder & Sister Segeberg

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  1. The pics of the opera house made me cry! I am so glad you are enjoying things there so far. I'll bet those missionaries moms would love to hear from you. :)