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Monday, February 4, 2013

Area Presidency Mission Tour

Last week we participated in a special Zone Conference.  A member of the Area Presidency came to the Bulgaria Sofia Mission.  After visiting the branches and members in Turkey he arrived in Sofia.  Sunday evening we picked him up with his wife and the Wilsteads at the airport. 

On Monday we were treated a special experience as he instructed us. He suggested that we should rename meetings to be revelatory experiences.  He emphasized that we all live up to expectations.  During his education he had a class in which his grade at the end was much lower than when he went into the class. He hinted that this was partially because of his instructor’s lack of expectations.  The moral of the story is that those around us will live up to our expectations.

On Monday evening there was a special dinner held for the senior couples, the President, his wife, and our visitors.  It was a wonderful experience to be able to interact with them on a more personal basis.  Both he and his wife were delightful and very kind.
Elder Segeberg and I were responsible for dinner on Wednesday evening for our visitors and the mission presidency with their wives.  Being the Italians at heart that we are, we prepared lasagna and garlic bread. The sometimes contrary ovens cooperated this time and it turned out very well.

After dinner a fireside was held for all of the members in Sofia.  Just moments before the meeting began he requested that one of the Elders preform a special musical number, in Bulgarian of course. Having no advance notice, the Elder chose ‘How Great Thou Art.’  There was no time to practice with the pianist.  Their performance was their original run-through! In spite of that they did an amazing job!  Our special visitor then began his remarks by focusing on the theme of the hymn that the Elder had chosen.  His message was just as amazing as the music even though he had no idea what would be chosen. 

These special occasions are a great boost to the members and missionaries alike.  Only occasionally are we treated to the visit of a General Authority.  The people that we have met, members, leaders and missionaries, will be the highlight of our mission!

Elder and Sister Segeberg

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