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Friday, February 8, 2013

A Little Snow Before Spring Hits

Greeting from Eastern Europe!  We have been delighted to be experiencing a mild winter this year.  After -33C last year in Riga this winter has been only slightly troublesome. There were only a few snow storms and never did we get more than 3-4 inches, usually less.  The trouble came when it froze unevenly on the already treacherous sidewalks and streets.  We have experienced a fall or two but no significant damage luckily! Recently it seemed that spring was in the air.  Often the temperature has hovered around 48°-50°F.  Although we have not experience much bitter cold weather we were happy to anticipate spring with slightly less treacherous sidewalks to navigate.  We have missed being able to get out and explore.  Today we unexpectedly woke up to the scenes that we have included this week.  Generally the first thing I do in the morning is check the weather app on my iPad.  I was shocked to see snow in the picture.  Often it will show rain and when I look outside there is none to be seen.  It seems that accuracy in forecasting is universal! Today I peeked out of the window and was surprised to see a coating of wet snow on the trees and rooftops! It is very picturesque but it looks as though the boots will have to come back out of the closet!

 We spent the first several months catching up on all that had fallen behind due to the lack of a senior coupe for many months.  And then there was the change in mission presidents; one wanted to get everything in order for his replacement and the other wanted to get things organized his way.  All of these things kept us very busy.  Just as we were beginning to relax and coast a little with time for the projects that never seem to bubble to the top, we realize that our time is passing quickly.  Now we are busy cleaning up and cleaning out.  As the reins change from one couple to another, things accumulate and no one dares to throw anything away.  We have been disposing of outdated material and instructions with reckless abandon!  Also we have been up dating written procedures and making long lists of our individual responsibilities.  As yet we have not been notified of a new couple coming to take our place which is troublesome for our dear president as well as for us.  Fortunately, we have a local service missionary who helps in the office a couple of times a week.  She is furiously taking notes as we attempt to teach her as much as we can before we leave.  We are happy that we continue to be busy!  We pray that all is well with our loved ones far away! 
Elder and Sister Segeberg

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  1. For some reason I thought you don't go home until September. Is that right and you guys are super organized getting early?