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Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Missionaries

 Our Week in Bulgaria

As we anticipated the arrival of thirteen new missionaries we scrambled to make everything ready.  Actually the original number was seventeen but four were delayed due to visa issues and are currently in New York.

With so many new arrivals we needed several new apartments.  Sister Wilstead and I set out one day to preview what a local realtor had located for us.  We took a taxi to meet her at the first location.  Since we had never met with her before, there were a few unsettling moments when we were not sure where we were or who she was.  Soon we were connected and were able to view the first apartment after which we took another taxi to a second apartment.  Once we had seen the second we said good bye to Ina as she started off to the left.  We were a little unsure of where we were but felt that we needed to go to the right. Realizing that she was not coming with us we asked, “Where can we find a taxi?”  To which she replied casually, “I don’t know!”  OK!  Since we did not know our current location we could not call a taxi so we just walked along looking for a major street where we hoped to be able to flag one down.  On our way we found a great outdoor market and stopped briefly to make a couple of small purchases.
 Then we had to concentrate on finding our way home.  Finally we located the familiar yellow color of a cab.  It was not the recommended cab company that we are advised to use, but at this point we couldn’t be picky.  Unfortunately he spoke no English and our Bulgarian apparently was not good enough for him.  Once he understood our address he indicated that he had no idea where that was!  Great, he’s lost too!  What no GPS?  How about a map?  We hopped in anyway and hoped that we had communicated that the area where we were headed was City Center.  From there we could find our own way home if necessary.

 After a few phone calls and several stops to ask for directions we arrived within a block or two of home.  He was so proud of himself for getting us there we did not have the heart to try to encourage him the additional block.  We paid and just walked the rest of the way.  Meanwhile President Wilstead and Elder Segeberg were calmly going about their business in the air conditioned office.  It is a good thing that their wives are so resourceful!