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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day in the Mountains

On Prep Day we went on an adventure with another senior couple, the Sieperts.  South of Sofia is a very large mountain, Mount Vitosha which is 7500 feet high.  Vitosha is 4.5 miles from the city center and is technically considered within the Sofia city limits. On many occasions we had admired this spectacular peak from the city.  Saturday we decided to see the view from its angle.

The Dragalevtsi Monastery is located on the mountain which was built in the 1300s and is still a functioning monastery. Still looks good, they must have used really good paint.
 It was interesting to tour the grounds.  As we left the monastery a city bus pulled up that was packed full of people; sardines have much more room than these poor people did.  Note to self: do not take a city bus to Vitosha on a beautiful summer Saturday.


 There is a series of two chair lifts that can whisked us to the top.  While on the chair lift everything was peaceful and serene.  On the way up we were treated to beautiful forest landscapes.  On the trip back down there were gorgeous views of the city. All we could hear was the sound of crickets. 

These pictures are not in order.

View from the city
barely avoiding a mishap.
At the peak we enjoyed a walk to see the vistas of the city and other nearby mountain tops. Mount Vitosha is a popular recreation area for locals. Sofiantsi come here to picnic, hike, and mountain bike, gather wild herbs and berries, savor magnificent views or ski. We have no doubt why this is such a popular destination and anticipate returning again.  The pictures cannot do it justice but hope you enjoy them. 

Love Elder and Sister Segeberg

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