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Friday, May 11, 2012

What a great trip to Warsaw!

We did not know that Warsaw should be on our bucket list, but now we do.  After spending the better part of the past six months in Eastern Europe, Western Europe was a breath of fresh air. We were very impressed with the tremendous job they have done in rebuilding Warsaw since nearly 80% was destroyed during the war. They have great pride in their country and it shows everywhere.  I am sure the east will catch up eventually, but it is taking longer for them.

On our way to Warsaw we had a layover in Munich.  The patch work fields as we approached the air strip were spectacular.  Some were freshly plowed and others were growing with an assortment of shades of green and a sprinkling of bright yellow. In amongst the fields were clumps of trees adding to the texture. 
View From Our Hotel Window
Our Hotel

Night View From Hotel

  When we finally arriving in Warsaw we quickly found a cab from the approved list and began our ride to the hotel with Rocket-man and his flying Mercedes. He soared through the city weaving from lane to lane. Using the bus-only lane when need arouse was no problem for our speedy new friend.  I think he set a new ground speed record.

Bright and early in the morning we headed for the Bulgarian Embassy to pursue the purpose for our trip.  We knew we were in the right place as soon as we entered.  The building and its interior appeared to have been picked up from Bulgaria and dropped in Warsaw.  It was the country mouse visiting the big city.  The embassy is located on a street of mansions which house embassies from countries all over the world.  In spite of the humble surroundings, the fellow who helped us could not have been nicer or more helpful.  

After going over the paperwork we had accumulated, and a side trip to the bank to get the currency he preferred rather than the one we were instructed to bring, he said he only needed about ten more minutes of our time to take pictures and more fingerprints to transmit to Sofia for the approval. Now, Sofia, isn’t that where we had just come from?  We could have saved everyone a lot of trouble by just going straight there.  But that is not the way that it is done.  Anyway, after about another hour and a half of the poor fellow battling with the computer we finally were finished.  It seems his computer had recently been upgraded from bad to worse.  No matter what country you are in it is the same – upgrades seem to have the same result!

Once we were done there we had a beautiful day to explore the city.  We were thrilled to see a variety of castles, mansions (which were saved from destruction since they had been the residences of many German dignitaries), beautiful parks, the Museum at Marie Curie’s birth place, the statue of Chopin as well as the Church of the Holy Cross where his heart is buried. 

City Sight

City Sight

Presidential Palace and Parliament


City Sights

City Sights

Approach to Old Town

Monument to the Warrior
Carriage in Old Town

What the horse thought about our ride thru the city

Mermaid - City protector

Old Town Square

Park of the Unknown Soldiers

Park of the Unknown Soldiers

Statue of Chopin under a Willow

Beautiful Park

Another Palace

Presidential Palace - Summer Home

Section of Castle in Old Town

Another section of Castle in Ols Town

Holy Cross Church where Chopin's heart is buried

 We also took a wonderful ride through the quaint streets in Old Town in a horse drawn carriage. It was a wonderful experience.  Our previous perception of Warsaw was blown out of the water!  Too many old war movies and dark mysteries, I guess! It is a great place to visit if you ever happen to be in the neighborhood!

Love Elder & Sister Segeberg

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  1. I guess I am guilty of one of the 7 deadly sins-envy. Beautiful. I guess I will live through your pics since I will never get to go. haha