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Monday, May 21, 2012

High Stepping & Miracles

       Many countries have a bit of pageantry in their capitol.  We made a special trip to the Center where the Presidential Palace is located.  Many times we had been by and had even stopped a time or two to watch the guards standing ever so rigid. However, we were never there for the changing of the guards. Since they stand so tall and motionless it is certain that they need a break every now and then. So on this particular Saturday we decided to go just for the purpose of seeing the exchange take place.

It was a beautiful, warm spring day and there were many gathered around to watch the display.  Right on queue there was a group of military men assembling in formation off to the left obscured by some trees.  Soon they came out of hiding dressed in their festive uniforms, high boots and hats with shiny buckles and buttons.   

They were very fascinating to watch as they marched toward the palace.  Their steps were precise and their corners were meticulous.  
But the most fascinating part was when periodically, for five or six steps, they would kick their feet out straight as they continued to march towards their comrades who were still stiffly waiting by the entrance as if nothing were happening.

The exchange would be interesting to watch anyway, but the uncommon steps made it remarkable.

 Although we had been forced to scurry on our way there to be on time, we were rewarded for our efforts.  Hope you enjoy the pictures. We were happy that photographing the event was not prohibited.

The precision to perform like this takes obedience. The members of the guard must be exactly obedient to the leader.


Miracles Around Us

We have witnessed some very obedient missionaries out in the mission-field. In order to find those souls who are ready to hear the gospel message, missionaries must be obedient so they can have the Holy Spirit direct them.Here is a story about obedience from the Baltic Mission.
During the time we have been in Eastern Europe we have heard of many of the Lord’s tender mercies in the lives of the missionaries who are serving here.
One such was a pair of elders in Latvia.  After an English lesson one evening they had about an hour before they were to be in their apartment for the night.  They had no set appointments and since it was January and darkness came early they were hesitant to go knock on doors due to past experience with poor responses in similar circumstances. 

But knowing their responsibility and the Mission President’s instructions they decided to try a building near their apartment. One of the first people they met invited them in. She is a pianist for the Latvian Opera and was very pleasant to talk with and expressed interest in why they were there and what they were trying to accomplish.  She also noticed one of the elders name tags and asked, “Is your name Schmidt?” To which he replied, “Yes.” She said, “So is mine!” 

They learned that they both have family roots in the same town in Latvia (Jelgava) and may have relatives in common. Even if they are not related, she may be able to help him find family roots. What they learned from this is best said by Elder M. Russell Ballard, “Obedience brings blessing and exact obedience brings miracles.”  They felt a miracle had come to them for obeying the counsel of their Mission President with exactness.   

May we all obey our Savior with exactness. That would be best!

Love Elder & Sister Segeberg

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