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Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Has Sprung in Bulgaria

Spring is Here!
  The world is a gorgeous place when it puts on its spring apparel.  This past week we have seen an immense difference in the area around us.  As we have walked about, there are flowers blooming and trees leafing all around. Due to the fact we arrived in Eastern Europe in late fall we have only seen the drabness of winter – barren trees and desolate gardens.  We have been anxiously looking forward to signs of spring and nature awakening.  Bulgaria is a beautiful country.  However, in the city, the dreariness of winter added to the drabness of many of the soviet era buildings made for a grim picture at times. Now, as nature awakes the contrast of the green leaves against the gray buildings livens up the scene.

 Today we took a walk to a local park. The Bulgarians love their green spaces! It is one of the largest we have seen.  Due to today being the final day of the Easter celebration (Orthodox Easter is a week later than ours) many businesses and schools are closed.  There was a party in this park, as well as many others I am sure. There were crowds of people everywhere with children running, riding, laughing, and playing.   

Food concessions where plentiful with all of the hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, pop corn and cotton candy you could eat. Pedal carts, electric powered toy cars and such were available for rent and business was thriving. As we walked a lot of dodging was required – pedestrians are not safe when the vehicle operators are under the age of 10. In fact, here pedestrians are not particularly safe when the operators are over the age of 10. 

 Along with all the rest of the festivities there were inflatable jumping houses and also a bungee jumper sort of attraction. They strapped the gleefully paying victim into a harness and the operator would launch them into the air from the trampoline platform. It was like a ‘Johnny Jumper’ for those who had outgrown theirs. Young and old were having a thrilling time.  It was fun to just observe – that was good enough for us. In the pond there were paddle boats and row boats for rent as well.  What is more summery than time on the water? 

On the way home

 What an appropriate time to celebrate the Resurrection and the gift of the Atonement!  We love all the hope and joy that emanates with this time of year. We hope all of our loved ones are enjoying the season as we are! Have a great week!

Elder and Sister Segeberg

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