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Monday, April 2, 2012

Greetings Again From Bulgaria

This has been a slow news week. We spent a lot of time catching up at the office after being gone for a week. It is amazing how things pile up. Elder Segeberg was pretty much buried in email. But busy is good!

We had the Office Elders over for dinner one evening since one will be relocating next week. They were very appreciative of the meal and shared a nice message on prayer before they left. Another evening we invited the Assistants to the President. One of them is returning home on April 3rd. They, too, shared a nice message before leaving. There is always a good feeling when they are around. We will miss the ones who are leaving – some not too far and some very far away. It is amazing how quickly you get attached.

This weekend was General Conference from church headquarters in Salt Lake City. Due to the time difference we saw the two Saturday sessions, which had been recorded in the wee hours of the morning, on Sunday. As always the messages were uplifting and motivational. All the speakers have such kind and loving countenances. You can feel how much they are concerned about your temporal as well as eternal welfare. Everyone we have spoken to has a different message that held special meaning for them. We are anxious for them to come out in print next month so we can review them again.

All is going well in Bulgaria – we are settling in well and getting adjusted to our new area. We did have a peanut butter crisis this week since all the Skippy we brought from Latvia is gone. No Skippy here, but we found peanut butter from Belgium that will do in a crunch. Actually, it is smooth, but some sacrifices have to be made! Things are very different, but we try to think of it as an adventure rather than a difficulty. We will prevail!

Enjoy the sights of Sofia, below.

Love Elder and Sister Segeberg

National Theater -Sofia

Alexsandur Nevski Church -Sofia

St. George's Rotunda -This is old!

Ruins part of St. George's Rotunda

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  1. Some of those in the Segeberg clan would rather have the smooth PB. It wouldn't be a sacrifice at all. haha