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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tower of Babel

This week we visited our favorite burger place, a place called, Boom!  Their menu suddenly featured Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches.  Elder Segeberg just had to have one.  After mentioning the menu change to the President and his wife soon they and the Sofia senior missionaries were off on a quest for the tasty sandwich.  Due to a cold front that was still passing through Sofia we traveled through wind and snow to arrive at our destination.  As well as American style food this restaurant boasts waitresses who speak English well. 
 We were immediately greeted by our favorite waitress and seated at a long table.  Our President’s wife enthusiastically ordered first requesting a Philly Steak with a side of onion rings.  The President told the waitress that he would like the same.  Another member of our party indicated that she, too, wanted the same.  Another, who was there for the first time, opted to try a hamburger.  The waitress came around to our end of the table to take our order.  Elder Segeberg asked for a Philly Cheese sandwich as well.  Since everything is made fresh this is not fast food. 
While we waited we enjoyed a pleasant conversation about our weekend activities.  The President and his wife had traveled to Varna and Ruse.  Our other companions had spent the weekend visiting Stara Zagora.  I had taught a cooking class on Saturday making Chocolate Chip Cookies.  When the three who ordered first were given a steak knife, they feared that something had gone awry.  After an inquiry into what was being prepared for them they discovered that they were getting a steak, a fillet (mignon) steak!  Philly, fillet, sounds about the same.  They took the news in stride and enjoyed their unexpected meal. 
This is another example of ‘lost in translation’ rearing its ugly head once again.  Of all the challenges in Bulgaria, the language is the greatest.  There is so much that we would like to communicate to those we know as well as those that we meet only briefly.  I know that the Lord had good reasons for the whole Tower of Babel episode but I sure wish that the statute of limitations would run out on it.  Be grateful when you can communicate with your waitress, your hair stylist, the checker at the local store, and that person who you feel needs an encouraging word.  Open your mouth and let the words spill out!  

Elder & Sister Segeberg

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  1. Great story! :) I remember asking for a tortilla wrap in Estonia. The girl couldn't understand me, so I pointed to the picture. She condescendingly told me it was a tor-TILL-uh wrap. Of course. So I looked like the uninformed one. ;) Those language snafus are always fun.