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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Autumn is in the air

 This was the first fall-like day that we have enjoyed. There was a slight breeze and the temperature was in the low sixties. After the hot summer we have had it feels wonderful.  All ready we are into October and the trees show no signs of changing to pretty colors.  I fear that they will just fall off and turn brown on the ground.  Either way we will miss the foliage on the trees that dress up the otherwise drab buildings that surround us. 

  In Sofia they have valued their green spaces and allowed for many parks and trees.  We are near the heart of the city but as we walk up the street to the office each day we are walking under a canopy of green. In fact, now as the days grown shorter we have discovered that the trees are obscuring the street lights.  When we arrived in March the evenings were also dark but there were no leaves on the trees yet.

We have been in Bulgaria for the better part of seven months (with only a three week gap when we returned to briefly to the Baltics.)  Now that our traveling has slacked off we have settled into a regular pattern of spending our days at the office.   

 I am primarily in charge of anything to do with missionaries arriving or departing as well as communications – mail, e-mail, supplies for missionaries and the office as well as various other duties as assigned. 

  Elder Segeberg seems to be a fireman; or at least he is always putting out fires.  If it isn’t a computer issue then it is a financial matter; reimbursing missionaries for travel and such, or correcting financial reports, etc.  Our days pass very quickly.  Often on Monday I feel as though I have everything under control and wonder what I will have to do all week and without fail more things materialize than I could have imagined.  Things seem to wait to show up until they are a crisis.  What I know about Word and Excel is a benefit every day. 

 All of the knowledge Elder Segeberg has about computers and problem solving keeps things running smoothly.  But we are happy to put the things that we have learned over the years in the business world to good use serving the Lord.  I always knew that there was something more valuable that I could be doing than contributing to the inefficiency of our financial culture.  Elder Segeberg knew that there was a better application for his computer skills and intellect than trying to force information into disinterested students.  In the mission field you have eager young men and young women who are enthusiastic to serve.  Their bright faces and infectious smiles are amazing!

  Although everyone is bound to have a down day every now and then, the only tears we have seen are in the eyes of those departing for home as they say farewell to a place and people they have grown to dearly love.  One burly young man was given the opportunity to share his feelings with the group today since he will be leaving for home in two weeks.  As he stood up he said, “Don’t expect to see tears because I was born with defective tear ducts, I never cry!”  What he meant was that he is not an emotional person.  Much to his surprise, before he had finished he had to wipe the tears from his eyes more than once.  Everyone was touched by this strong young man as he shared his deep feelings.  He will be dearly missed!  We have to remind ourselves that on the other side of the ocean there are loving arms that are eager for his return.

We are enjoying this marvelous opportunity!  Although we miss our family dearly, we know that this is where we belong at this time.

Love to All
Elder and Sister Segeberg

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