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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Recently we were able to spend time with friends that we have not seen since 1992.  What a treat!  We met in Scotland in January of 1974 while we were stationed at a very small RAF facility in northern Scotland.  Since that time we have kept in touch as we each raised families and gained a few more age-related aches and pains.  However, the years melted away once we were reunited.  Reflecting on them after they left for the airport today, the verses from this hymn seemed appropriate:

 Each Life That Touches Ours for Good
Each life that touches ours for good
Reflects Thy own great mercy, Lord;
Thou sendest blessing from above
Thru words and deeds of those who love.

What greater gift dost Thou bestow,
What greater goodness can we know
Than Christ-like friends, whose gentle ways
Strengthen our faith, enrich our days.

When such a friend from us departs,
We hold forever in our hearts
A sweet and hallowed memory,
Bringing us nearer Lord to Thee.

For worthy friends whose lives proclaim
Devotion to the Savior’s name,
Who bless our days with peace and love,
We praise Thy goodness, Lord above.
(Text by Karen Lynn Davidson)

 These good friends have been there for us, when we most needed them. They befriended us when we were strangers in a foreign land, and became very close to us. They were there to help us and comfort us when our daughter Becky died at birth. Thank Heavenly Father for true friends.
 It through the actions of other people that we are often blessed by the Lord and charity is one of the gifts of the spirit. We seek charity that we may be that friend to help other.

In addition, one of the greatest tributes that the Savior can give is to call us “friends.”  We know that; He loves, with a perfect love, all of His Heavenly Father’s children. Yet for those who have been faithful in their service with Him, He reserves this special title. “And again I say unto you, my friends, for from henceforth I shall call you friends, it is expedient that I give unto you this commandment, that ye become even as my friends in days when I was with them, traveling to preach the gospel in my power” (D&C 84:77)

We pray that as we feel the warmth of the many friends that are sent our way to touch our hearts and strengthen us, we will be reminded that through faithful service we can be worthy to be called His friends as well. 

Elder & Sister Segeberg


  1. You are so right about friends thru the years. We are lucky enough to have my best friend 2 blocks from us here in Santiago and we see him every Sunday at church. Plus talk and see each other during the week as needed. We should try and skype some time to compare notes. I know you are as busy as us but would be fun. Ours is millielayman1 if you want to try sometime. Sunday afternoon or evening.

  2. I love this. I got to spend time with my college roommate this weekend--and it has been so wonderful to remember what it is to have a long-time friend. There is something so uplifting about those relationships. Glad you guys had fun! Look forward to "seeing" you soon!