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Sunday, March 18, 2012

First Week in Bulgaria

Hi All
After our first week in Sophia we are getting settled into our new home and city. We have included some pictures of our apartment as well as the street outside.

 It has been a busy week. Sister Roth took us shopping on Tuesday to two places across town. One was a lot like Costco! It was called Metro. It was HUGE and they had everything under the sun. It was like Disneyland! Hopefully, we can find our way back when we want to go again. For now our larder is stocked.
Our assignments have been picking up in the office. It seems they were taking it easy on us last week and letting us get settled. Now we are getting buried in tasks that need doing – and most needed completing yesterday.

Elder Segeberg is the new Mission clerk which involves meetings as well record keeping and while he is with the presidency they find a few extra assignments for him as well – some of which get passed on to me. We share one another’s burdens!

We have taken a few more walking tours of town and have included some pictures of interesting scenes and buildings. There is a lot of beautiful architecture in Sophia. We are not always sure what the buildings are, but we certainly admire them. The area also has many stark looking buildings but they are much less photogenic. We have found the sidewalks to be far less treacherous in the center of town. I wonder why? Also there were crews improving some areas of the sidewalks. I guess the urban renewal projects have not expanded to our part or town. 

We have also run across some familiar sights in advertisements as well as shops on the street. Just to name a couple we have seen Dunkin Donuts, Dominos and KFC. So far we have not found the Burger King.  

The weather has turned to spring and like everywhere else the warm sunny weather brings people out of doors. Yesterday in the park there were families with children, youth and elderly people like us everywhere – riding bikes, scooters and skates or just sitting enjoying  the scene . There were venders selling ice cream, snack foods and drinks as well as balloons and other novelties.  The atmosphere was quite festive.

Sunday we took a trip to Blagoevgrad to attend church there and to train the leaders on the financial system they are using. There has been some confusion regarding paperwork being completed properly. The drive was very long, but being able to see the scenery outside of the city was very enjoyable. This was another beautiful spring day and just perfect for the trip

Another week is about to begin! Soon we will find what adventure  it will bring.

Elder and Sister Segeberg


  1. Those mountains remind me of pictures I've seen of Colorado. And those sunny skies! Our snow all melted and the sun came out for a bit. But we're back to very cold and rainy again. Those buildings are beautiful! And your apartment looks nice!

  2. It sounds like you are having lots of fun with new things each week. Millie and I have returned from seeing all the kids and grandkids. We also got to meet our tutor Leticia while we were in Provo. Millie is hard at work learning the language as best she can. I am trying to help but not too overvbearing! We fly to SLC next week so I can go to my mission reunion and watch conference. Then into the MTC for 2 weeks.