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Monday, February 27, 2012

March Here We Come

The highlight this week was a Seniors Conference. The other couples, the Perry’s from Estonia and the Flake’s from Lithuania, came to Riga to participate in the event. We hosted a dinner for all the couples on Thursday evening which was a great opportunity for us to share our experiences and ideas with one another. 

Also, it was an opportunity to get to know each other better. The Flakes stayed with us while they were in town which was a lot of fun.  On Friday we attended a seminar which was presented by a couple, the Bices, who had flown in for the event from Moscow.  They gave presentations on, “Overcoming Addiction” and “Strengthening Marriage and Family.”  We now have information and material to start courses and groups to address these problems.  Sadly, there is a great need here as well as in other areas to address these concerns. Now that we are armed we are excited to be able to be of more help in our areas.

Of course, in conjunction with the event there were several opportunities to sample local restaurants. We took a long lunch on Thursday to try a place nearby.

 After we concluded for the afternoon we visited Old Town and had dinner in an Italian restaurant there. On Saturday we had a little time for sightseeing before we had to put the out-of-towners back on the buses heading for their homes. 

There was also a baptism on Saturday afternoon and we had a couple from our branch over for dinner and the evening. So it was a busy day!
On Sunday the Bices were still in town so we gathered at the Millets in the evening for another dinner and very interesting conversation. Boy, this missionary work is going to be hard on the hips! There is never a shortage of things for the senior couples to talk about – how we feel about where we are serving, our feelings about the process and, of course, very dear families that we left behind. We all agree that we love where we are and the people we are meeting. The desire to help the people improve their lives and find more joy is strong in each of us. The time is passing very quickly. The weeks just fly by with so many activities.

Looks like we are having fun, and we are. But we work hard too. No, really.

Elder & Sister Segeberg

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